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Yooooo!!!! This is going to be FIRE!

The Gag and The Tea

Well, Well, Well I guess Mona is hard at work cultivating more ratchet show for us to look at. Well the word around the campfire is that Slim Thug’s and his ex girlfriend, LeToya Luckett of Destiny’s Child fame, will also be on board. Slim and LeToya broke up when he allegedly impregnated another woman so expect serious drama in this storyline. In 2011, Slim openly shared that he got another woman pregnant and that was the cause of the break up.
As of now, Slim Thug is denying being on the show but that could be due to contractual reasons. “That #LHHH thing is a rumor” he tweeted (notably using the hashtag) and added, “Well At least the part that says I’m on it.”
Other cast members rumored to be a part of the show include stripper-turned-aspiring performer Jhonni Blaze (who calls herself the Queen of Houston on Twitter…

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As if she wasn’t already messy herself, Natalie Nunn reveals that she most certainly ISN’T the only one. Amina Buddafly is apparently down with making OPP her own.


natnunnMoney making and married Bad Girl Natalie Nunn provided the most striking Love and Hip Hop NY tweets of the night. Mrs. Payne added even more dirt on new cast member of LHHNYAmina’s name a bit more than the actual episode which showed she was the other woman, tearing apart a family of three with Peter Gunz. Natalie Nunn told the world Amina isn’t new to these actions:


Natalie brought fellow Bad Girl vet. Tanisha into it by bringing up that the two were together when she confronted both Amina and her sister which resulted in no fight.  She went on to tweet that Amina is on a green card and have been promiscuous since 2009. Also ended the Twitter rant nicely by saying she’s happily married, which is a low blow or not?

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L&HHNY Review: Love And Hip Hop NY Is Back With New Relationship Issues And Actual Talent.

L&HHNY kicked off with a bang last night.  We got caught up on the statuses of  past relationships from the previous season and was also introduced to a new one (or one and a half for my technical folks).

Comments from trending recap articles (posted today) aligned with my first initial thoughts – which were something to the effect of  beating the hell out of Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly going the fuck back to Germany courtesy of my Aries horns.  Something tells me that there will be permanent residency in the U.S. after all of that digging.  But, hey, that’s just my intuition.  The truth is in the numbers and the numbers don’t lie.

Want a deeper understanding of the inner workings of this relationship?  Stay tuned for my exclusive Love & Hip Hop Compatibility Reading on the show’s newest love triangle, Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace & Amina Buddafly.  I’m excited.  Down the rabbit hole we shall go!  STAY TUNED!!!!!!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR OWN LIFE PATH OR COMPATIBILITY READING…send me your information.  I will need your full birthdate, your full name and the name that you most often present yourself as.


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