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Love & Hip Hop NY left many of us confused last night, with Tara opening up the door to be seduced by Peter.  What was she thinking?  I suggest that you, first, come down off of your high “I’d never let a mf’er blah blah me like that” horse, if you really want to get it.  Tara is in a delicate place.  She’s in a state of constant, yet, inconsistent change.  Her days of knowing her place in Peter’s life have been severely challenged.  She feels that the rug has been pulled from under her feet.  Her feelings?  With two small children at home and a full time job, I seriously doubt that she has given herself the time that she really needs to feel.  On top of that, Peter is conveniently pulling trump cards and slapping them down on her heart.  He will not give her the time and space that she needs to allow spaces of “vulnerability” to occur.

He knows how this thing works.  He’s not going to let “Jody” creep in and tap his sweet Tara’s ass.  He’s not giving her the space she needs, because he knows that she’s not beyond giving up some of that good good – in the name of showing him “how it feels”.  He has hinted to past infidelities with his statements about Tara not being an “angel” herself.

And while his moves have been shady in the past, he is crystal clear as to what his intentions are now.  He wants them both and will do and say “whatever” to keep his current situations going.  My advice to Peter will be to brace for the impact, because “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and in this case – women scorned.

My thoughts are that Tara has launched Operation-Get-Back on both Peter and Amina, with Amina being first on her agenda.  She took Peter up on his offer to “kiss it” one more time.  If I were her, I’d sit and grind on his face.  There is something very domineering about that position.  And since she (Amina) loves videos so much, I’d send her a copy with a message in the subject line that said, “Where he’d rather be.”

Tara may not go to those extremes, but she certainly had an agenda when she gave Peter a taste of that good good.  She will let Amina know in a way that Amina can understand.  Peter may feel empowered by the cat fights taking place between these two beautiful women over him, but he should beware that they are both very capable of changing the game by introducing another entity(s) into the equation.

However, introducing another man into the equation will more than likely be plan B of Tara’s Operation-Get-Back.  It will not take place until she is good and done with Amina.  Amina will step away when and only when a better opportunity presents itself.  Until then, she will stand her ground and fight for her manager/husband.  If she steps away from Peter’s grasp, he will front like it was his decision – a proclamation of his love for Tara.  He’s already said that he will not lose them both.

It is interesting to watch the scenerios play out.  They can give us insight as to the inner workings of the complexity of love.


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