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kelly rowland - instagramKelly Rowland wastes no time in the gym, even while she’s pregnant.

The former Destiny’s Child singer has been all about staying fit during her pregnancy and it’s working for her. The 33-year-old  took to Instagram to share how she stays fit, getting down in all black workout gear and a pair of 2014 Nike Women’s Air Max+.

She captioned the photo:


With all of these intense workouts we can only imagine how good miss Kelly will look post-baby. In the meantime, we can not wait for the arrival of her baby boy.

Check out the photo above and get inspired.


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Justice for this little girl!!!!

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A little girl from Mississippi named AvaLynn came home from school with shocking injuries all over her face one day, and little AvaLynn’s mother is demanding justice.

According to The Epoch Times, the girl was allegedly severely beaten by another student, but the school is saying that AvaLynn got those injuries while playing on the school’s playground.

Her mother has created a Facebook page to get justice for her daughter, titling it “Justice For AvaLynn,” and sharing pictures of AvaLynn’s injuries , which include cuts on her face, and two huge black eyes.

Her mother, Lacey Harris, wrote on the page:

“As much as my heart is broken for my daughter, I am also amazed by the outpouring of love and support from our family, friends, Oasis church family and our community. Thank you so much for your concern, kind words, prayers, thoughts, shares, and donation. We ask that…

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Daddy, What’s Weed?

Posted: September 2, 2014 in L&HHNY SEASON 4

Bomani D. Armah

“Hey Daddy”, my 8 year old asked from the back seat, “what’s weed?”  I don’t know when I expected to have this conversation.  Being realistic with myself I knew that I knew more, and had more curiosity about things in the adult world, than grown ups ever gave me credit for. This question from Olu wasn’t random.  We were riding along listening to NPR while they aired a story on how the legalization of cannabis was affecting non-smokers in Colorado. I was living one of the affects of marijuana legalization right now: it is now irresponsible to simply have the “just say no” edict with your children in lieu of an in-depth conversation.

One of my problems with a lot of mature subjects being talked about with children, is that adults often times give their kids a “don’t ever do this, it’s bad” story, without ever giving any details or…

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