Waxing Crescent Moon Day 7

Waxing Crescent Moon Day 7, July 3, 2014.

Waxing Crescent


Magic Wand, Wind Rose, Wind Vane


From July 2, 2014 10:42 AM
Ends July 3, 2014 11:37 AM

Today is a day that supports a deeper connection with the Universe. Prayers, mantras, verbal magic, energy work, work with spirits and elements of nature will be much more powerful. It is a day when mere words have the power of faith infused prayer. Everything we say, and wish to ourselves and others has the potential to become reality.

Therefore, be mindful of your every utterance, because today is the day where words WILL become things. So, be careful what you think, say and wish. It’s also important to avoid lying. It’s better to keep silence than to speak lies or or negatively. Like Mama said,”If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.”

Sincere prayers and good wishes will be most supported. Today is also a great day for practicing yogic asanas and doing work with our hands.

Currently, the moon is in Virgo. This means that if you are a Virgo, you will be more rational and practical today. Small details may appear more important than they are in reality, which may lead to arguments over seemingly insignificant things.

You may become more disciplined and responsible, diligent and careful, but only in small details. Although, for big, important, risky decisions there’s not enough intuition and ability to foresee future consequences.

Your lower abdomen and intestines may be vulnerable and sensitive today, so an easy and light diet is recommended today. AT ANY COST AVOID ANY SURGICAL PROCEDURES ON THIS AREA today. However, procedures on the feet would be effective.

Say what you mean and mean what you say, because the Universe will take your words at face value today.

“Game may recognize game, but GOOD game peeps ALL game.”

Ms. Peep Game



Love & Hip Hop NY left many of us confused last night, with Tara opening up the door to be seduced by Peter.  What was she thinking?  I suggest that you, first, come down off of your high “I’d never let a mf’er blah blah me like that” horse, if you really want to get it.  Tara is in a delicate place.  She’s in a state of constant, yet, inconsistent change.  Her days of knowing her place in Peter’s life have been severely challenged.  She feels that the rug has been pulled from under her feet.  Her feelings?  With two small children at home and a full time job, I seriously doubt that she has given herself the time that she really needs to feel.  On top of that, Peter is conveniently pulling trump cards and slapping them down on her heart.  He will not give her the time and space that she needs to allow spaces of “vulnerability” to occur.

He knows how this thing works.  He’s not going to let “Jody” creep in and tap his sweet Tara’s ass.  He’s not giving her the space she needs, because he knows that she’s not beyond giving up some of that good good – in the name of showing him “how it feels”.  He has hinted to past infidelities with his statements about Tara not being an “angel” herself.

And while his moves have been shady in the past, he is crystal clear as to what his intentions are now.  He wants them both and will do and say “whatever” to keep his current situations going.  My advice to Peter will be to brace for the impact, because “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and in this case – women scorned.

My thoughts are that Tara has launched Operation-Get-Back on both Peter and Amina, with Amina being first on her agenda.  She took Peter up on his offer to “kiss it” one more time.  If I were her, I’d sit and grind on his face.  There is something very domineering about that position.  And since she (Amina) loves videos so much, I’d send her a copy with a message in the subject line that said, “Where he’d rather be.”

Tara may not go to those extremes, but she certainly had an agenda when she gave Peter a taste of that good good.  She will let Amina know in a way that Amina can understand.  Peter may feel empowered by the cat fights taking place between these two beautiful women over him, but he should beware that they are both very capable of changing the game by introducing another entity(s) into the equation.

However, introducing another man into the equation will more than likely be plan B of Tara’s Operation-Get-Back.  It will not take place until she is good and done with Amina.  Amina will step away when and only when a better opportunity presents itself.  Until then, she will stand her ground and fight for her manager/husband.  If she steps away from Peter’s grasp, he will front like it was his decision – a proclamation of his love for Tara.  He’s already said that he will not lose them both.

It is interesting to watch the scenerios play out.  They can give us insight as to the inner workings of the complexity of love.

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Peter Gunz interview. Align with my “Peter Gunz Love Triangle” for similarities. It’s on point!!!!!

“Some Type of Way…make me feel some type of way”, is how I feel about the song “Since You Been Gone” by Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz. I feel like I was just asked my opinion about a relationship between two sourpatch kids. For lack of better words, my feelings are bitter sweet. I absolutely love the song. I love the energy that it carries, but I hate the truth behind it. I hate that it’s a love song with an ode to the woman’s heart that you broke in the intro while in the same breath dapping up the “side piece wife”. I hate that I can understand the love affair and chemistry that gave conceived it. I hate that I LOVE it!

Old School 105.3

Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly PerformingIn case you haven’t been in front of your television or scrolling through Twitter on Monday nights at 8pm, you’ve been missing out on some of the most ratchet episodes of “Love & Hip Hop” in a long time. On last night’s episode, rapper Peter Gunz and his side chick wife Amina Buddafly sat in a park and sang a song they worked on together. While Black Twitter certainly had a lot to say about the couple and their shenanigans, it was crickets when it came to the song.


Ttitled “Since You’ve Been Gone,” Gunz and his side chick missus take turns singing and rapping about missing their significant other. In thew video posted on YouTube last week, Amina strums the guitar as Gunz is in the background vibing like he is in a music video from 1994. Peep his dance moves.

Now that you’ve heard it in full…

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This retreat has been officially added to my places to travel next year!!! I’m getting my money right NOW!!! I know that I’m to fall in love with this place.

Skai Juice

Im happy to be back in Puerto Rico.  Even though I visited the states this summer, PR is absolutely HOME!  I mean I feel so comfortable here, it is too much.  Anywho, while I get ready for this farm project, I am still working on the Skai Juice projects.  There are a few jumping off right now:

First of all, I have reformulated Paradise Wellness…since I have to juggle the retreat business and the farm business I have decided to still offer amazing retreats…however not necessarily in the same way.  Now I am offering Personal Wellness Retreats.  The difference is this: Now, you can book whenever you want to come.  I offer modest accommodations at the Sunshine Guest House, prepare your vegan and/or raw meals according to your goals, and offer you wellness coaching.  All this for $150 per day. And then on top of that you can let me…

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Love Triangle Symbol

The Peter Gunz Love Triangle – Can they all just get along?

 The first episode of L&HHNY (season two) had me .38 hot.  I was so hot that I had to call up my friend and business partner to vent.  The Peter Gunz, whose energy I was feeling in season one, was totally defecating on his family and his woman – all in the name of “the other woman”, and I was taking it personal.

Come to find out, I wasn’t the only one.  When I called my friend, she was already in a deep recap conversation with my sister.  I told her to put me on speakerphone, so that we could all chop it up.

“Guhhhhhhhl”, is all I could say at first and they felt me.  After my initial “if it were me/I would have done ” this and that’s – we began to have a deep and meaningful conversation.  With myself being a Life Purpose Coach, and an avid observer of people, I just had to know how a man could marry his sidepiece while living (and still in a relationship) with his girlfriend and so-called “soul mate” of over thirteen years.  WTF they do that at?

“Ghosts from a Ratchet Past” filled our minds and the air with our own memories of similar blatant disrespect.  Each of us were ready and willing to go scrape up old wounds and prepared to receive new ones – all in the name of Tara and the rest of us that stayed in the hope of “working” it out.  We were left wondering if either of us were in jeopardy of walking in Tara’s shoes.  Are all men capable of this behavior?  My fellow man-bashers agreed that they were, but I myself, wasn’t so sure.

In effort to change this dog back into a human, I knew that I needed to pull their numbers to fully understand the transference of energy in this triangle…to see how it all “just happened”.  Most people aren’t serial cheaters, but instead, somehow just get caught up “in the rapture of love”.  They get caught up in the attraction and exchange of energy.  That’s when shit usually gets complicated.

I decided to, first, delve into their astrology signs to see if there was an indicator there.  I often say that some signs get a pass (in cases like this) and in matters of love, it is in no doubt that SCORPIO is entitled to it.  But, there were no Scorpios in this triangle.  I did however, discover that Peter is a Capricorn, Tara is a Virgo and Amina is an Aries.  ARIES????  That’s my sign!  But, that’s not my style, Yo.  But, then again, I know a few Aries that would totally throw a monkey wrench into some potential equations.

I knew that I would have to do a numerology reading on them, if I wanted to understand the inner workings of these relationships and the people involved.  Numerology is an ancient number system that I use to reveal your purpose in life and also to provide meaning to the hard and almost impossible times.  It is based off of your name, your birthdate and the name that you most commonly introduce yourself as.  The readings are so accurate that it’s scary.  They are proof that your name is no accident.

 Ready to know? Down the Rabbit Hole, We shall go…


 –       A Relationship Compatibility Reading –


 Peter Gunz & Tara Wallace

This is one of the best, if not, THE BEST combinations that entice the other to “love me longtime”.  Peter intuitively knew this when he said that Tara was his “soul mate”.  It’s a perfect example of how the merging of the mental (Peter) and spiritual (Tara) can promote enormous growth, given their differences.  These two fulfill each other’s desires in many ways, but mainly on the intellectual and spiritual planes.  This relationship is actually bigger than just the two of them.

Peter has a sharp and impressionable mind intertwined with a tactless and sometimes offbeat sense of humor.  He thinks on his feet and can see right through any attempts to deceive.

He instinctually never allows his mind to shelter any repetitive or predictable patterns.  Thanks to Peter’s ability to juggle ideas and concepts, Peter will always seem younger and remain more playful and quick-witted long past the time other people of Peter’s age group have slowed down.

Tara’s mind is also powerful.  However, Tara’s mental and spiritual faculties operate very differently from Peter’s.  Tara has a dry sense of humor and a more serious mind.  Tara seeks answers to life’s major questions and often spends time staring into some inner space, searching for insight and understanding.

Probably not closely connected to organized religion, Tara – nonetheless or because of this – has a strong sense of the reality of the God force.  It is a major source of inspiration and a force that influences Tara’s daily life.

The only real issue of discordance that can appear between, Peter and Tara is spiritual in nature. Peter may seem too flamboyant and superficial at times, for Tara’s taste.  And at the same time, for Peter, Tara may become too hung up on certain spiritual concepts.  Peter may even see Tara as a fanatic.

It is hard for Peter to understand how someone can become so involved in abstract concepts and philosophies, while Tara may not be able to accept the fact that, for Peter, the experience of life is more important than trying to analyze it.

However, they have such a powerful positive influence on each other that this disagreement rarely appears when people with their combinations form a partnership.  Peter keeps Tara loose and able to enjoy life also from a simpler, more direct perspective, while Tara is able to show Peter how a deep, serious search of understanding can be immensely gratifying.

Peter has a karmic debt that causes him to be in critical danger of falling victim to abuse drugs, alcohol, and overindulgences in the sensual pleasures, such as food and sex.  To resolve this, Peter must establish his own emotional stability.

Tara also has a karmic debt.  Her debt promotes “destruction of the old” and “birth of the new”.  It promotes the fall of the ego, and all that it has built for itself.  It is a cleansing.  All that has been constructed, and all that serves to separate the person from the source of life is destroyed.  The reunion with the Great Spirit is then accomplished.

This can be a painful process, because life presents challenges to her grand plans, which can be resented and struggled against.  It is a lost battle, and she will likely feel humbled in the face of the collapse that follows.  This humility, however, is the key to later success, because she will learn to follow the intimations of a higher reality.

In the destruction of the old, a spiritual rebirth takes place with an entirely new awareness that will affect every area of her life.

This is an indicator of a wake-up call from the Universe for this relationship.  This relationship has all of the ingredients to make “it” work if the karmic debts are resolved on both ends.  If this happens, this spiritual and intellectual powerhouse can last for a lifetime.  If not, then it can be considered a horrific tragedy, one that Peter may not recover emotionally from.

 Peter Gunz & Amina Buddafly

 Yooooooooooooooooooo!!!  You’re not going to believe this, but Amina’s life path number is the exact same as Tara’s.  In addition to that, she also has the same exact karmic debt.  GTFOH is right!  I have NEVER seen an instance where this has happened in a love triangle.

An explanation for this dynamic can be – ENERGY and the attraction to it.  Peter loves the same thing about Amina that he loves about Tara.  It’s like Peter is reliving the “new love” experience that he had with Tara, except Ms. New New has piano keys tatted on her back.

Nah, I’m just instigating.   There are other components to look at, and we just have to delve a little deeper into the rabbit hole to discover them.  Let’s look at how they express themselves.

Peter is fortunate, because Amina reflects a great capacity for love, understanding, sacrifice, and support.  Her number of expression is the most compassionate & harmonious of all numbers.  She projects healing energy.  Her ability to forgive him appears limitless and this is just as intoxicating when she’s licking his wounds.

But, Peter is not the only one who is fortunate in this relationship.  Amina also has reasons to be grateful.  As an Aries, Amina needs a strong man and Peter will protect and defend her through thick and thin.  He makes her feel safe and secure. But, as always, there is another side to the coin.

Peter’s expression number provokes an inner force and a driven energy that doesn’t slow down for anything.  He doesn’t put up with weakness and is demanding of others.  He does absolutely what he wants.  However, Amina is compromising, forgiving and sometimes sacrificing to a fault.  Peter may see this as a weakness, because being weak and defending the weaknesses in others is alien to him.  Amina may think that he is taking her kindness for weakness, because of it.

The important thing for both Peter and Amina is to understand that they are very different in the way they view human qualities.  Their priorities differ.  That’s all.  Therefore, if they are able to keep an eye open for their differences and value their respective good qualities, they could certainly enjoy a long life together.

My conclusion is that either of these relationships can work monogamously, but not as a triangle.  He loves them both and vice-versa, but Virgos and Aries don’t have very good chemistry – so the odds of Tara and Amina respecting each other (or at a minimum, getting along) are pretty much slim to none – despite their uncanny similarities.  Peter will have to choose or lose them both.

I hope that these readings give you the clarity that they gave me, in hopes that you will call off the witch-hunt for all men across the board.

For info on how to get your own LIFE PATH or LOVE COMPATIBILITY readings, please email me at mrspeepgame@gmail.com or simply fill out the form below and I will contact you.

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Ms. Peep Gizzzzzzzzzame